This is by no means the complete story, but an introduction to a fresh look at the Book of Revelation.


This book is a new biblical approach to understanding what has come, and what is coming upon the Earth: past, present and future. For twenty years I have attempted to write this book. These years of study are difficult to explain, because it seemed my concepts ran against the grain of the contemporary church viewpoint. After many years of battles in my mind, I realized that this new biblical approach needed to be compiled in book form. As a part-time book trader, I have collected many pre World War One books. Often these books were found unwanted at church book sales. End-time books, containing ideas that churchgoers had a century ago, told you everything about the Book of Revelation and how the world was about to end. Certainly in the early to mid nineteen hundreds, people were driven by compelling circumstances. They were living in a world erupting into war, and driven by hysteria. Therefore, it seemed conclusive to assume that at the time of World War Two, Hitler was the very Antichrist, and that the end of the world was forthcoming. But as mad as the world became, it never ended as was predicted. So why is it that 100 years later, the same theories about end-time events continue to be promoted? This book presents a different viewpoint, derived not from ignorance of the present ideals, but from a twenty year passion to know and understand the truth. I purposely pursued study with an open mind and heart to rediscover and understand end-time events from their fundamentals. In his book Dispensational Truth, Clarence Larkin presents an excellent summary of end-time viewpoints, as believed throughout the last two thousand years. Larkin was an engineer by profession, who used his technical abilities to explain both his knowledge and belief of end-times, and to produce the most amazing diagrams. Of the many end-time books published a century ago, this would be my favorite, only because of the fifty magnificent charts. While there was not much he wrote or explained that I agreed with, in his introduction to the book he summarizes end-time beliefs. Reading this summary in the spirit in which it was written in 1918, made me fully realize the purpose for which I had carried this burden so long. Larkin wrote explaining the three present end-time viewpoints and what their roots were. In summary he states the Pre-millennialists are divided into three Schools of Interpretation.

"Schools of Interpretation"

Preterist School
The Preterist School originated with the Jesuit Alcazar. His view was first put forth as a complete scheme in his work on the Apocalypse (the Book of Revelation as found in the Bible), published in 1614 AD. It limits the scope of the Apocalypse to the events of the apostle John's life, and affirms that the whole prophecy was fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus, and the subsequent fall of the persecuting Roman Empire; thus making the emperor Nero the Antichrist.

Historical School
The Historical School, sometimes spoken of as the 'Presentist Scheme', interprets the Apocalypse as a series of prophecies predicting the events that were to happen in the world and in the church, from John's day to the end of time. The advocates of this school interpret the symbols in the Book of Revelation as referring to certain historical events that have and are happening in the world. They claim that the Antichrist is a "system" rather than a "person". They interpret the "time element" in the book on the "year day scale". This school has had some very able and ingenious advocates. This view, like the preceding, was unknown to the early church. It appeared around the middle of the 12th century, and was systematized in the beginning of the 10th century by the abbot Joachin. It was a powerful and formidable weapon in the hands of the leaders of the Reformation, and the conviction of its truthfulness nerved them to "love not their lives unto death". It was the secret of the martyr heroism of the 16th century.

Futurist School
The Futurist School interprets the language of the Apocalypse literally, except such symbols as are named as such, and holds that most of the Book of Revelation, from the end of the chapter three, is yet "future" and unfulfilled, and that the greater part of the Book, from the beginning of chapter six to the end of chapter nineteen, describes what shall come to pass during the last week of "Daniel's Seventy Weeks". This view, while only formed at the close of the 16th century, is really the most ancient of the three. It was held in many of its prominent features by the primitive Fathers of the church, and is one of the early interpretations of scripture truth that sunk into oblivion with the growth of papacy (Larkin continued to write). In its present form it may be said to have originated at the end of the 16th century with Jesuit Ribera, who driven by the same motive as the Jesuit Alcazar, sought to rid the papacy of the stigma of being called the Antichrist, and so referred the prophecies of the Apocalypse to the distant future. (Larkin continued to explain), The Futurist School view was held by the Catholic Church and was adopted by the Protestants in the beginning of the 19th century.

Larkin himself was from the Futurist School.

The Millennial Code, which I have persisted to write and publish, aims to raise and build upon the foundation that the reformers began to lay, a "Historical School" of interpretation of the Book of Revelation.

The Millennial Code establishes again the Historical School's Ratio of Days, but uses a different year-to-day scale, presenting a modified timeline, being sharper in synchronization between secular and biblical events. With a difference: The Millennial Code does not have the same conflicts the reformers had, for it contains no accusations against the existing church organizations of that time or this time.

The Millennial Code is an interpretative key that defines the time stamps in the Book of Revelation, which have never before been published.

The interpretative key is described with some basic mathematics that could make it difficult to understand. If so, drop me a line and ask a question, for our futures are important and The Millennial Code will help to clarify many events the world is spinning into.

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