Unravel the Mysteries of Time

Have You Ever Asked the Question?
When will it All End?

About the Book
The Millennial Code has surfaced from a lifetime of pondering and seeking a complete and compelling interpretation of The Book of Revelation. Discovered in the Book, was hidden the keys to understand time, as revealed by Prophecy.

Certain Prophetic scriptures are like "Marker pegs in the landscape of time", to give a sense of age to define our time periods. The Book of Revelation holds the true keys to the Marker Pegs, but only in conjunction with other prophetic books.

For more than a hundred years the church has been in a Time Crisis, divided between two ideals, that neither properly "added up", or calculated correctly. So also they have been anticipating in every generation, a sudden end to the world.

The Millennial Code will challenge vague ideas about time, and help establish a platform to build towards a greater understanding of our future and what we need to be prepared for.

As well as the predictions about the end of the world, for over 1500 years of the Christian Church, many predictions have been made to when the Messiah, will return, 'The Millennial Code' is a fresh look at Time Ratio's and how the future can be plotted from historical events

Simple mathematics in scripture reveals Divine fingerprints, stamped on, in and through the scriptures.

I hope you will enjoy this first installment of The Millennial Code. The book itself is by no way complete, but I felt compelled to make it available now, while I continue the work on additional and new material.

About the Author
Graeme Torckler, father, husband, businessperson and lay preacher, has for 25 years been involved in many forms of ministry, both in the church and itinerant. He has trained both in an Auckland bible school, and an American training centre called "The Prayer Centre, in Tulsa, where he and wife Emma were ordained in 1998.

Then THE MILLENNIAL CODE is a book for you