Unravel the Mysteries of Time

Its important to know
What you will be buying

The Book, The Mellinnial Code has 195 pages, 38,000 words, 16 chapters and 26 diagrams

The Book, will not answer all the questions and could generate many more

At the moment this book is only available through this website

The Front Cover

The Image of the clocks, linked together through the ideas of cogs, shows three parallel time realms and how their ratios' are different and yet they an effect upon each other. Understanding the mathematical relationship reveals the interrelationship of three time realms. Because the ratios are proportional, knowing one time realm, reveals the other two. The three clocks represent; Earth Time, [The 24 hour clock ticking through the centuries of time.] Prophetic time, [The time mysteries as written in the prophetic scriptures]. Millennial Time, [How Heaven is working a plan in the earth, as said, "To God a day is as a thousand years].

The Back Cover

Buried in the message is the key to decode it. The Millennial Code is an application of some simple mathematical equations, which were discovered by the author. These have helped to unlock many of the mysteries of time, in the precious scripture..

Hidden in the chart on the back cover, is the marker pegs of the prophetic time periods, that govern our past and future, after reading the book, this picture will become easier to understand, and maybe you to will be able to unlock the mysteries of time..

Book Contents
  • Introduction
  • 1. The End Time Overture
  • 2. Time and Timing
  • 3. A Template of Time
  • 4. Time Codes
  • 5. What is the Millennial Code?
  • 6. The Book of Revelation
  • 7. John's Time Ratio of Days
  • - Finding the Golden Key
  • - The Millennial Clock
  • 8. Time Ratio of Days with Seventy Weeks
  • 9. Temple Time
  • 10. The Church in Revelation
  • 11. The World in Revelation
  • 12. The Seals
  • 13. Coming Destruction
  • 14. Time and Prophecy
  • 15. Time Today
  • 16. Time into the Future

  • Then THE MILLENNIAL CODE is a book for you