Unravel the Mysteries of Time

Believing to the spirit of a person is like breathing to the natural person


"Seeing Through the Darkness"
CHAPTER 18:1, "After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illuminated with his glory." When this Angel comes to the earth there will be a great illumination. Looking at the negative of this; if the great angel possibly coming from the throne of God, can cause the earth to be illuminated; likewise a great angel coming from the pit of hell, will cause the earth to be darkened. more

"There is no winners in the Blame Game"
In the Cain & Able Story we can conclude; "There is no winners in the Blame Game" and to continue in that course of blame ..... more

"God Loves You"
How can I possibly tell you how much God loves you? A child goes astray from its mother and father. The child is lost in the wilderness, a forest, a terrible place, for two days, The parents call on all their friends, their family and emergency services, to help search for this one child, There is fifty people, searching, calling out the Childs name, working deep into the night, not sleeping, fifty people so concerned for the child and for the parents loss. Down from a deep revenge, there is heard a faint cry. more

"The Silent World"
There are many with a conviction and they're wondering through life as a silent witness. Don't ask, and they won't tell, ask and they'll still not tell. It's a fragile spiritual existence, needing a deeper reality, because they're alive but dormant. Hidden by the modernist world with a silent view, that's choked by the cunning master of unseen games, who reigns in the unseen silent kingdoms of the earth. more

"Al Gore Preaches the Bible"
There is enough doctrine and theology about The Book of Revelation, to fill a library. It makes the idea of publishing another book on this subject appear futile. Why would anyone in their right mind, add too the heap of literature. Certainly, there has been little to no encouragement from any person in my circle. A person flicked through the pages and said, "This stuff divides churches". I looked at him and shook my head, thinking, if he cared anything about the dividing of the church, he himself would attend a church and be committed to the truth. I have learnt if you're going to break new ground, forget looking around to see if anyone is following, because they're just not going to be there. more

"When the Time Comes"
Industrial Proliferation, in the last 200 years has brought forth the abundant financial harvest fields of these modern decades. It has also created a mounting ecological problem, that now thousands of scientists are beginning to agree with, that this will change the world as we know it. more